Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Coming back to Hanoi with Emergency Room allow the format to develop in its necessary development 

Emergency Room should be permanent.

Working on Emergencies is a never ending task that also reclaim continuity and insistance 

Every time an Emergency Room is stopped, the work is interrupted and therefore loose its strength 

The Emergency Room develop the Awareness Muscle and like any muscle it needs to be followed up

A daily training of the Awareness Muscle is necessary 

Every day there is new Emergencies and every day we have to look at them 

Every day Emergencies under observations need to be followed up 

Artists get better and better by participating regularly in Emergency work 

They get sharper and more pertinant 

They need streaming practice and concentration 

Like a hammer the question WHAT ARE THE EMERGENCIES TODAY 

has to be repeated and debated again 

Debate can only work in insisting and continuation and follow up 

Every day offers new context 

An art format is not a performance, but an insisting method of looking at emergencies with seriousness and perseverance.

Emergency Room format by being insisting and continuous can establish its strength and seriousness

and therefore RAISON D'ETRE 

A critical format is not entertainment, but a method to look for impact and spray care and look toward  reforms and changes before it is too late 


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