Thursday, November 19, 2009


"Protection" by Tran Thi Toung
Emergency: The artist is showing the upside down umbrella to refer to the dangers coming from water from below (floods and tsunamis and rising ocean levels etc) and that this emergency has to be noticed by everyone.

"I Am Guilty" by Thierry Geoffroy
Emergency: The fallacy of using internet and social network websites as only means of maintaining contact with friends.

"Toys In Modern Times" by Vu Duc Trung
Emergency: The influx of violent toy design and craving in kids play. The artist has here made a collection of traditionally made harvest time toys, but only modeled them on the request of the children, instead of the usual models of animals. They all wanted weapons.

"Let's Look At Yourself Again" by Luu Chi Hieu
Emergency: The artist is commenting on the outward nature of the regular emergency reporting by the Emergency Room artist, and wants to underline that we all contain emergencies in our own life and lifestyle that we need to react upon.

"The Rich And The Poor" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The deepening divide between people that has access to resources and education and basic securities.

"Behind The "Protection"" by Le Dung
Emergency: Child trafficking for sex trade or slavery.

"Buying Illegal Answers For Exams" by Le Dung
Emergency: The artist is pointing at the common trend among students to buy cheating sheets to bring to their exams.

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