Monday, November 9, 2009


"O Tren Cao" ("From High Above") by Hau Anh
Emergency: The chaotic handling of open-air electricity lines. The safety issues that this spaghetti of electricity cables causes is very clear...

"Thoi Cua Su Minh Bach" ("Period Of Transparency") by Viet Hung
Emergency: The failure of monetary systems. The artist is pointing to the fact that market capitalism is favoring the producers of goods and not protecting the prices of basic goods on behalf of the consumer, by showing us a display of goods available through "rationing tickets" from the time of plan economy.

"The Bus Route #32" by Na Son
Emergency: The under developed public transport system of Hanoi (and other major cities in Vietnam). The artist comments that the overcrowded buses is making more people choose cars and scooters as means of transport, and therefore adding to particle pollution and hyper trafficked streets.

"Who's To Be Farmers In The Future?" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The receding number of young people in basic agriculture in Vietnam. The artist is commenting on the average age of farmers in current Vietnam, and the fact that most farm workers dont want their children to become farmers, but hope they will work in the public sector or similar. This does not correspond to the education access the rural population has, and therefore to the bleak future of all the young people seeking away from their families and home areas. The other emergency the artist is pointing at is the decline in skilled farm workers and the rising need for basic foods import.

"Difficult - Easy" by Mai Thu Van
Emergency: The artist illustrate how problems can be hard or soft. Exemplified by reprinting 2 recent articles, where one describe how Vietnam's government has raised the minimum wage by and increase of between 80.000 and 180.000 Vietnamese Dong (ca. 3-4 USD) a month. This is a very small sum, thus an EASY solution. The other article covers the story where several vietnamese politicians and officials has received 5 million USD in bribes from an Australian money-printing company. This is one of the corruption scandals that has come out in the open, and points towards the DIFFICULTY of ending this problem.

"In The Last 48 Hours" by Vu Trung
Emergency: The artist points toward the fact that Emergency Room was closed for 48 hours over the weekend due to the review boards abcense, and therefore unable to give a report on the troubles of the vietnamese people caught in the storms and floods.

The "Passage" where the art of yesterday is replaced by maximum 24 hour old artworks pointing to or commenting on EMERGENCIES in the view of the artists.

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