Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"Two Faces" by Vu Duc Trung
Emergency: The use of of weapons as entertainment for kids. One side is painted pink to indicate its toy function, the other is painted black to point at the actual function of a hand gun, to shoot at people.

"Street Circus" by Na Son
Emergency: The disregard for safety in vietnamese traffic. The official figures is 50 people dead in traffic every day in Hanoi.

"Spider Man" by Na Son"
Emergency: The increasing amount of open air electricity wires in Hanoi/Vietnam is posing a growing threat to both electricity workers and people living or working near these clusters of cables.

"The Dance Of The Signs" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The amount of commercial advertisement billboards on inner city house facades is now so high that many streets has changed their look into permanent squares of consumer pollution.

"The Music Band Of My College" by Yen The
Emergency: The lack of honest artists in popular culture. The artist has taken a regular pop concert poster, and replaced the faces with colleagues and students the that the artist consider to be truly interested in expressing art, not only making art (or music) to generate profit.

"Thirsty" by Hau Anh
Emergency: Deforestation is drying up the land in Vietnam. Without proper vegetation, all surface moist evaporates and does not return until artificial irrigation is initiated.

"Curiosity 1,2 and 3" by Na Son
Emergency: The artist is reacting to the human tendency to be curious without caring. Illustrated by three pictures documenting curiosity. The first showing a man overdosing on drugs in the street, people stop to look, but no-one help, the second showing bystanders to a traffic accident, being mostly interested in the number plate of the crashed vehicle (because every day there will be allotted a cash price in illegal lotteries based on number plates - this relates to vietnamese version of the superstition "one mans misfortune is another mans fortune"), the third shows a 400 year old turtle's head surfacing in on of the lakes in Hanoi, nobody seems to care for the condition of the lake, merely for the sight of the turtle (which traditionally means good luck).


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