Monday, November 9, 2009


"12pm - 12am" by Le Dung
Emergency: The computer gaming café's. The artist is commenting that gaming among the young is taking so much of their time that they are risking to fall behind in school and social life. The title refers to the law that stipulates the legal opening hours of gaming cafés, which is often broken. Also to note is that many of these gaming cafés are situated close to schools.

"Why Farmers Rush To Big Cities" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The ban on street vendors in Hanoi. The artist is commenting on the 1 year old ban on street vendors of fruits, vegetables and other basic goods. This is making it necessary to go far to buy this. Which will result in further pollution, and more time spent on transport for the average citizen of Hanoi. During the debate, many commented on that the loss street vendors also would change to positive and colorful look of the streets of Hanoi.

"Can We Save Them Anymore?" by My Ngoc
Emergency: The use of endangered animal species in medicine.

"I Didn´t Receive Anything" by Luu Chi Hieu
Emergency: Corruption and the problems of uncovering it.

"Emergency Call" by Na Son
Emergency: Alcohol and violence. The artist googled the vietnamese words for "knife stabbing assaults in bars" and got 1.540.000 hits referring to the search key words, revealing a high number of alcohol related violent crime in the country. The picture shows a man using the artist mobile phone to call his brother asking to be picked up. The debate also discussed the rising number of drunk driving accidents.

"That Gia?" by Viet Hung
Emergency: The officials inconsequent relations to companies convicted of environmental pollution offences. The artist shows 2 stories, one describing Hanoi as one of Vietnams 10 cleanest cities and honouring a list of well-doers in keeping the city clean, the other covering how a company on the well-doer list recently was caught in a illegal dumping scandal. The artist bind these stories together with a picture from a indoor football match of bling players, identifying the ball´s location by it´s attached bells.

"Hanoi, A Clean City" by Mai Thu Van
Emergency: The ranking of Hanoi as one of Vietnam´s 10 cleanest cities. The artist argues that either this is a lie, or the pollution problem in most Vietnam´s cities is so serious that immediate action is necessary. In the debate most people agreed on the latter.

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