Friday, November 13, 2009


"Championship" by Luu Chi Hieu
Emergency: Illegal logging, deforestation in Vietnam.

"Poor Children Earn Their Living" by Le Dung
Emergency: Children living on the street, having to work to survive.

"We Sprayed But They Still Come" by Vu Duc Trung
Emergency: Hygiene in Hanoi´s restaurants.

"What Is This" by Tran Hoang Son
Emergency: The preservation of vietnamese culture is unable to leave its state of emergency.

"Last Night On The Streets" by Na Son
Emergency: The rising number of homeless people in Hanoi, and the lack of any shelter facilities for them.

Emergency: Garbage in the streets of Hanoi

"Sometimes" by Tran Hau Yen The
Emergency: The falsification of history by omissions.

"Kahn Cho Tuong Lai" by Viet Hung
Emergency: The artist har fear of no results or agreements coming out of the climate meeting COP15 in Copenhagen. The belief in solutions is religious.

"Advertisement In Taxis" by Thierry Geoffroy
Emergency: The artist points to the spreading and invading character of advertisement placing.

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