Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"The Bottle Neck" by Mai Thu Van
Emergency: The artist shows firstly wants to point at the city planning faults, and the congested traffic in big cities in Vietnam, but also towards the blocking of processes in vietnamese official systems. The artist is pointing toward the inefficiency in the administration of foreign help aid, foreign investment and national funds supposed to be used to improve various aspects of Vietnam´s culture, production, business sector, infrastructure etc.

"Just Imagine" by Vu Trung
Emergency: The handmade and arbitrary sensor of vietnamese artworks pictured in imported art magazines.
The artist tried to investigate in several shops why the works had been blotted out with black markers, but could not get a proper answer anywhere.

"Brand Name" by Tran Thi Tuong
Emergency: Overpriced goods and an increasing focus on superficial attributes among youth in Vietnam. The debate also went into the exploitation of 3. world workers to produce clothes, shoes, effects etc. where the company profits are unreasonable compared to the salaries and conditions of most workers.

"Farmers Get Pension?" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The lack of retirement protection for farm workers in Vietnam. The artist included an article covering how new chinese policy is aiming to secure a minimum pension for all farmers. During the debate another artist pointed to one case where a local government had made their own system of retirement support with success. The debate also covered the lack of media and governmental interest in the subject.

"The Silence Of Meat" by Yen The
Emergency: The lack of authority response to illegal practice. The artist is showing 2 texts of the words "Silence" and "Meat" (which sounds very similar in vietnamese) meant to be sung with melodies of well known local songs. The artist is pointing to the situation where the composer of the national hymn´s house is being used as an illegal butchery without intervention from authorities.


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