Monday, November 16, 2009


"Why We Lack A Celebrity Museum" by Trau Han Yen The
Emergency: The tendency to focus on only one celebrity in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, is pushing all the other figures of vietnamese history out of the public memory.

"Beauty Care Center" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The preservation and/or restoration of pagodas and other historical buildings in Vietnam tend to be dominated by the contractors hunt for big budgets more than respect for classic architecture and traditional decoration of the sites. They f.x. often add floors to the pagodas, even though the classic shape of the vietnamese pagodas is with one floor. The artist argue that this is done only to expand the material use and working hours in the projects.

"Masks" by Tran Thi Toung
Emergency: The current preference for cheap chinese masks as opposed to the traditional, handmade paper masks is at a rise. The artist takes this trend into Emergency Room to point at the abandonment of human handicraft and the implications therein for the national workforce. During the debate the artwork came to reveal that it reflect many aspects of modern life and consumer culture.

"Basic Life" by Viet Hung
Emergency: The displacement of indigenous tribes' lifestyle conditions in Vietnam.


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