Monday, November 16, 2009


"Clean Water" by Vu Duc Trung
Emergency: The vietnamese authorities has just raised the price on tap water with 70% without explanation whatsoever. The artist is pointing to the fact that the tap water is not clean at all, and is worried that this extra cost for the average family will mean that their purchase of real clean bottled water will decline on the cost of their health.

"Its Already Finished" by Luu Chi Hieu
Emergency: The artist is illustrating the idea that corruption is not corruption if you accept a gift to deliver a favor or service without touching it with your skin. I.e. the bribe is in an envelope, or "you're wearing gloves" when you take the money. The artist also describe that the title is deliberately misleading in order to bypass the art review boards scrutiny and their fear of that the artwork is being too offensive.

"Where To Play? What To Play? Who To Play With?" by Yen The
Emergency: The interaction between local citizens and the University of Fine Arts Hanoi (UFA) is practically non-existent. The artist is displaying a traditionally made dragon mask, half decorated in the traditional colors and ornaments, the other half decorated with modern symbols and esthetics. It represent the possibility to combine the local folklore with modern art, but when people in the street outside the university is asked where the UFA is located, close to none could say where it was.




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