Friday, November 6, 2009

Recapitulation of last 5 EMERGENCY ROOM days

Welcome to our blog, maintained by Åsmund Boye Kverneland, on behalf of
EMERGENCY ROOM - Hanoi 2009.

"Advertising & Kids" by Na Son
Emergency: Commercials giving kids false expectations to how they should look and what they should have.

"Cheap Department" by Ngo Xuan Phu
Emergency: The prices of apartments in and around Hanoi makes the normal families have a very tight economy, and speculation on land prices keeps pushing the prices up.

"Language Hotpot" by Nguyen Viet Hung

"No Title" by Tran Hoang Son

Artist and her work "Cant Live Without"

Debate at delay museum.

Artist Yen The and his work, which comments on peoples lack of information about the real life of national heroes.

Allthough people pay health insurance in Vietnam, they have to bribe doctors to get proper treatment.
Kids might as well learn this, therefore the small roll of money in upper left corner.

"DR=DF" by Peter Lind,
commenting on the increasing influence that the danish nationalist party Dansk Folkeparti has on the national broadcasting corporation.

"We Are Just A Small Country" by Thierry Geoffroy,
commenting on the danish military presence in current conflicts, and the spin that often is put on the intl. image of Denmark

"Sad" by Thierry Geoffroy

"World Bin" by Søren Dahlgaard

Video/Installation commenting traffic security in Hanoi. Hau Ahn

Translator Ngo Huong Ly in front of Peter Lind's work "Made In Sweatshop", addressing poor working conditions in the industries of 3 world countries

Søren Dahlgaard in front of his work "The Return of The Proud Danish Man" addressing gender issues in Denmark

Peter Ravn explaining his work "Will someone please UNTIE THE PRESIDENT IN COPENHAGEN" pointing at the fact that Barak Obama has little leverage to meet climate demands.

Niels Bonde in front of his work addressing the worsened legal conditions for public gatherings in Denmark.

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