Friday, November 6, 2009


"Hanoi Map of Rubbish" by Vu Trung
Emergency: The work shows markings where the artist has registered illegal dumping of household, construction and restaurant rubbish in central Hanoi.

"Nuoc Van Hoa" ("Cultural Water) by Tran Hoang Son.
Emergency: The loss of traditions predating modern times. Exemplified by indicating water containing culture because of the ancient manuscripts inside.

"Color Of The Market" by Le Dung
Emergency: the general conditions of meat handling in markets and the food poisoning that the vietnamese people endure.

"Emergency Room Wants To Thank The Danish Press For their Kind Attention" by Niels Bonde and Peter Ravn.
Emergency: the medias lack of interest in real emergency issues.

"Xe Công Viec Tu" ("Public Car Used For Personal Purposes") by Na Son
Emergency: the abuse of state property for private errands. In this picture a military minibus is used for a private wedding.

"Transport" by Peter Lind.
Emergency: Traffic safety

"After The Storm" by Hai Thanh.
Emergency: Storms has recently become so powerful that they can wash up 1000+ tonnes ships. The artist points to the fact that this is not a freak incident, but still there is not taken measures to prevent these occurences in the future.

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